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The Mysteries of Baby Clothes & Baby Apparel revealed

How many parents think that all baby clothes are made alike? How many think that all size 0-3 month outfits are the same? Want the bad news now? They are not. I personally have had numerous outfits that are all different sizes fit my own children. This is a common sight for most parents.

A child who is 12 months old, they can wear 6-9 month clothes, 12-month clothes and even 18-month-old clothes. If you hold your breath the right way, some 24-month clothes even fit as well. How is this possible that one child can wear so many different sizes? This is mind boggling to most parents who are trying to figure out what their child needs and when they need to buy bigger clothes.

How are you supposed to determine what size to buy your child? Many agree that the best way to handle this is to easily and simply check the weight and height guidelines on each garment. This is generally much more accurate than following the age guidelines.

There are often 6-month-old babies who are the same size as a 12 month old, which leaves them wearing much larger baby clothes than the standard sized 6-month-old child. However, this can also go the other direction with a 6-month-old baby wearing only 0-3 month old clothes.

Combating this problem is never easy, but with some thought and patience, you will eventually learn to eyeball clothes. This will enable you to determine from a quick look whether the baby clothes will fit your growing child. Also, remember when buying baby apparel, keep a good mix of seasonal clothes in different sizes so as your child does grow, and the sizes start crossing age guidelines you still have plenty of clothes on hand.

Realize, there is nothing you can do to keep your child in the same size clothes. Learn to adapt and just pass along or sell any clothes that your baby outgrows before ever being able to wear. There is many different manufacturers of baby apparel, and almost as many different measurements. As long as you know your baby’s approximate weight and height, you should be fine basing purchases off those numbers instead of age.

You can eagerly await the days when your child stops growing quite so quickly and a size 5 outfit really does mean an average 5-year-old child. Until that day comes, have fun dressing your baby in the cutest baby apparel you can find that fit.